To All,
We have finished painting the lobby and are currently painting the rec room walls and bathrooms. Next up is the elevator cab. On August 22, we will be installing new lights and having the stainless steel polished which means the elevator will be shut down for the whole day. The whole day. So plan accordingly. Last week we had the new directional signs on the gates installed which should help solve some of the confusion on which gate to enter for guest and emergency personal. We have installed 10 year smoke detectors in the Low rise attics for there have been a couple of issues in the past. This will not let any issues up there get a head start before being noticed. That is all for now.

Tom O

P.S. I did successfully ride my bike and camp along the way from Natchez MS to Nashville TN all 470 miles in 7 days. It was a great adventure and met a lot of nice people a long the way without any appendages issues. Couldn’t wait to get back to Florida for the cooler weather where it was over 100* in the afternoons up there.