To All,
We had our annual meeting on February 7th and had a great owner turnout. I would like to thank retiring board members President Jim Kubiak and Treasurer Joe Fruchter for all their hard work the last two years and big welcome to our new board member Joan Schnieder of 840 and new president David Sligh of 339. I have hard copies of the MacArthur Beach Owner Directory on the table outside the office if you would like to pick one up. You might have noticed that they are digging outside the south gate entrance. The City will be installing a new fire hydrant in the coming weeks. We have placed a new turtle and weather friendly light fixture by the walk thru gate. I think it is the perfect fixture option for the harsh environment of the sun and salt air that should last for many years to come. The Board and I are in the process of making the 2017 project list and will keep you posted of upcoming projects for this year on next months update. That is all for now.

Tom O

P.S. Who new I am an inventor, but I will know in a week if I made the cut for a local version of Shark Tank for my Pig Be Gone product that stops pigs from rooting in yards and golf courses. Don’t worry, like people tell me about my singing I won’t be leaving my day job anytime soon…..