To All,

Sorry it has been a while but every time I thought a project was to be completed complications arose and the scheduled due date was pushed back. The green chain-link fence on the north end of the property is finally installed and landscaped. This time we went with less is more for the landscaping. The jasmine growing on the fence was the main reason it fell over during Irma because it acted like a sail. The power was finally connected to the new heat pumps at the pool and although we had a mild February the bill for the month came in at $288.00, compared to propane we were easily spending $1000.00 a week. After doing moisture checks after a couple of rains we have figured out the cause of the hit and miss leaking in the High rise windows and will be going through the whole building with sealant in the tracks where the screws are screwed into the window sill. This should resolve the leaking issues for the most part but when you leave for the summer it is best to put towels in the tracks for hurricane winds and rain. Last week we did a preliminary check on 10 water heater’s ages throughout the complex and found there are a lot of them coming to their recommended lifespan, so that we don’t have any flooding issues like that have happened in the past, we ask that you change it out after 12 years. We are working with a plumbing company so that we can get a group rate for permits and electrical changes. I will have all the details next month. We have been negotiating with Sutter Roofing to fix the High rise roof this coming May if the price and plan work out. We are also seeking bids to do the Low and Mid-rise roofs more than likely in the fall along with painting and professionally caulking them. All of the new lights have been installed and are waiting for Synergy Lighting to come back out to fix the out of plumb ones and we’ll be switching back to red turtle lights at the end of next month on the beach side as usual.

That is all for now, you are up to date.

Tom O

P.S. WP.S. With a lot of the storm projects over I have found the time to start playing music again and the Philharmonica Band will be playing 3/31/18 from 7-11 at Marina Jacks in Sarasota.