To All,

Well, the dust has settled after Irma and we are making progress on repairing the damage on the property.

There was a special assessment that was being considered by the City Of Venice for fire protection and I am happy to report that it did not pass, due to the formula for taxing condos verses homes was all wrong. They will be going back to the drawing board for this.

Last week we had a board meeting to discuss how and what needs to be repaired and where the funds will come from, as we have put in a claim into the insurance company, but at this juncture our deductible is $150k and we are under this in repairs, we’ll see what happens. So with the 2016 and Prior Years retained earnings, Reserves and 2017 Operating Budget we have the funds to start working on damaged items. Thank you Tom Peirce and Bob Samas for your hard work on working out the financials.

With most companies in Hurricane Mode, I am making progress on getting these things done. The High-rise storage room north wall work will begin in mid to late November. We are waiting on F.P.L. to give us the ok to put in a new house meter for the new pool heat pumps and gas heater that should be installed in the next month. We have a leak analysis detection company coming in next month to look at the leaks that we had during the storm and how to resolve them through out the property.

I am on hold right now with the upper Low rise decks Fibertite installation, as Sutter Roofing is working on homes that have no roofs. The installation of the new exterior bullet/turtle lights should begin in mid-November that will bring us up to Florida State Code. We just finished painting the pool deck and now working on the painting the tennis court parking area.

That’s all for now and I look forward to your return to the home that we are so fortunate is still here.

Tom O