To All,

The next couple of weeks will be busy around Mac Beach beginning with the completion of the High-rise storage area as the doors just arrived today. The new bullet lights that will be replacing the out of code lollypop sidewalk lights will be installed the week of the 27th of November. We will be finishing up the upper decks with the new membrane system and roof repair of the Low rise starting on the 13th and doing units 215, 223, 224, 225, 228 and 229. It will take about two weeks to finish. On the 18th I have a leak detection company coming in to find some answers to some leaks that have shown back up uninvited over the years and see if we can’t remedy them. We had two new heat pump and gas heater units installed in the pool area and waiting on FPL to get power to the heat pumps and working out the kinks with the new gas heater that I think is finally working properly “allegedly as I type this”. We had a fire inspection of the property this week and other than a few missing covers on the extinguisher boxes we passed with flying colors. Speaking of colors we are painting the tennis court parking lot now with the landings on the Low rise and doors on the Mid-rise up next. We replaced 12 door handles last week and will be replacing the rest next year.

That is all for now you are up to date.

Tom O