To All,

All of the new railings have been installed on the High rise and Artistry Painting has a 20 foot section from the ground up on the building to do and will be completed by next Wednesday.

The painters have started to pressure clean the Mid rise as we speak, which hopefully the whole project will be done by Thanksgiving. This being my third time the High rise has been painted, Artistry has done a thorough and a 5 star paint job so far.

I have hired a new guy to help me with the yard maintenance and we have been making great progress in getting all the sidewalks pressure cleaned and bushes trimmed. His name is Glen Obrien and please say hello when you see him.

I will be on Holiday next week and Jack Thacker and Dennis Zerbel will hold down the fort while I am away, I will be back on 11/9/20.

You are now up to date.

Tom O