Hello to MacArthur Beach Residents!

Since I know that many of you cannot be here nor can you attend the monthly board meetings, I will try to keep you posted.

We had a large unexpected insurance increase for 2021. Many associations in Florida have experienced the same. We have employed Karins Engineering to give us a wind mitigation study on the roofs which could potentially give some credit on the bill. (A representative from our insurance company will be at the March Board meeting.)

We have had some major issues with the stairs in the low rise. There has been a satisfactory temporary fix but we need to look at the long term. So, with Tom O, the board is examining options.

Our pool needs renovation but in light of the major additional insurance bill we have put that on hold. However, we will continue to monitor spending and expenses and if surplus funds become available we will re-visit the pool expenditure.

The tennis courts need to be re-surfaced. Once again, we are evaluating options and expense for 2021.

There has been an ongoing discussion regarding the area around the fountain. Tom O. has started some great updating with the landscaping. Some residents have raised the idea of re-doing the surface with pavers. We will investigate this suggestion.

For the most part, everyone here has been quite compliant with the COVID restrictions. Masks are required in the high rise and only one person/family in the elevator. All workers who come onto the property are required to wear masks . We are lucky to have nice weather so we can enjoy being outside and in the pool with social distancing.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (VP/Secretary)