To All,

I finally made it back to Venice 9 hours later. Power is still out and FPL does not have an E.T.A when it will come back on.

After doing a walk through of the property here is what I have found. The most damage I have found so far is that the north west storage room wall has rearranged itself like an accordion so that it is not sitting flush on the concrete slab and the skirting on the top of the storage rooms has blown off along with a lot of the skirting on the Low rise buildings. There is a lot of debris on the ground which by the looks of my own yard there were some intense 100+ mile gust to do that kind of damage. The front car entrance gate had bent over and pulled on the telephone wires so not sure yet if that is functioning properly. 40% of the light globes were blown off and broken. There was not much beach erosion and the pool area is fine.

Please have your condo checker check your unit.

Tom O