To All,

I was able to do an in depth property survey today of the damage left by Irma. The High Rise exterior envelope held up well, except for the storage room on the North West side of the building and there was water intrusion on the High Rise roof, under the membrane that made the batons swell…it is like walking on rocks. Water did not leak into the units below or anywhere else. There were a few bits of shingles that blew off in various places on the Low Rise roofs, but looking from the High Rise roof down, maybe 5 to 8 shingles total. All windows and siding through out the complex held up well and none were broken or flew off.

The generator has been running the whole time which looks like it will run for a week on a full tank which it had. I will refill as needed. If you have perishables in your fridge and don’t have a condo checker like Ron, let me know so I can get it out of there so you don’t have to buy a new fridge.

Please don’t come down just as yet. Power, gas, food, restaurants are in limited supply and clean up on the roads is still in progress. I will let you know as soon as the power comes back on and it is safe to stay in your home.

I will update you every day on the progress here to keep you informed.

Tom O