To All,

The power is back on in the Mid rise building, but NOT the High rise or Low rise yet. Michelle from Sunstate and I did a walk through of the two biggest issues which were the High rise roof and the 5 north facing storage room units, to put the insurance company on notice. Board members Tom Pierce and Bob Samas were here yesterday to assess the property damage, which overall is minimal compared to other areas of the state. We were lucky again.

Please have patience during this stressful time, everyone is trying to get everything back up and running again. In the past, we have been discussing the replacement of the globe lights, now will be the time to do that. The 5 bullet lights held up great last Monday, the globes will go flying off in the next storm again, as they do not make a storm worthy replacement fixture that can even handle an afternoon storm sometimes.

I will send out an email as soon as the power is back on.

Tom O