To All,

Well there has been a change in the path of Irma and it looks like at this moment it will be hitting close to home. I have buttoned up the property as best as I know how with the help of Kenny Schweer and Ron. A major Thank You to them for helping me protect your homes!!

The High Rise generator has a full tank of diesel and l don’t know how long it will run for in this unprecedented situation. I will be shutting the elevator down tomorrow before the storm and parking it on the second floor in case of storm surge till the coast is clear as we had an issue of drainage out front two weeks ago.

They are calling for 5 to 8 feet of storm surge but I believe that will happen more in the Bays than on the beach.

Unit 219,138,and 339 will be staying on the property during the storm. I will be at my home monitoring the situation in a safe room. I will send off one more update before the actual storm is here.

Tom O