To All,
As you all are aware of hurricane Irma will be going up the east cost of Florida this weekend. We have activated hurricane preparedness plan for MacArthur Beach and we will be fully prepared for this storm by tomorrow. I will not be leaving the area unless there is a change in the trajectory of this storm. I have lived in Florida since 1972 and know when to run. We will be getting gust up to 65 mph and maybe 3 inches of rain with the wind coming in from the north east which will push water out to sea. On the business side, we had our insurance appraisal done on the property in July, had all the palm trees cut this week and have Gulf Coast and Russle’s Tree service on speed dial if the need should arise. Remember the images they are showing you on TV are from areas that are in the eye of the storm which at this juncture will be nowhere near us. I will keep in touch as this all plays out.

Tom O