Hello to all!

I think it was a record. Our May Board meeting lasted 22 minutes. Good job, Jack!

Jack (Thacker) reminded us that we are in the nesting season for turtles. That means we have to pull blinds/curtains when it is dark The hatchlings will get disoriented and move toward the light rather than the water.

Hurricane season begins June 1st. Please make sure you have towels in the slider tracts of windows and doors. Don’t leave items in the refrigerator or freezer. Bring in any door mats and furniture. Refer to the Hurricane Protocol on our website: mymacarthurbeach.com (Ask Yvette for the password)

May 21st is our fire inspection. Take in anything on the outdoor stairs.

May 28th – Painting touchups from the most recent water incursion will occur in the High Rise.

Tom (Pierce) reported that we have collected $390,000 in special assessments. The total for the 2024 special assessment is $500,000. Please check that you have paid or if you need to set up a payment plan, contact Tom (Pierce) directly.

Tom (O) says the City of Venice will be picking up any unwanted furniture outside the North Gate on May 22nd. If you have anything you want to discard leave it out by Wednesday.

June 17th – The painting of the Mid Rise stairs will begin. Each set will take about 2 days. If you live in the Mid Rise and will be in residence at that time, please notify Tom (O).

The High Rise roofs are done! (How many times have I said that?)

There will be a new Wind Mitigation Report available after the final sign off.

The RFP’s went out to 5 companies. On May 30, Jack, Tom (O), and our elevator consultant will have a walk through with those companies who will have until June 14th to submit bids. We would like to have the modernization done by December but at this point we have no way of knowing.

Jack (Thacker) and the entire Board would like to thank Vivienne Porter for all the work she does as Chair of the Social Committee. She would like a few more owners to join the committee.

Welcome to all our new owners!

You can go to our website and access any of my previous updates – under the NEWS heading.

Our next scheduled meeting is September 20th.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (#218)