Hello to all!

It is the usual busy March here at MacArthur Beach.

Jack (Thacker) noted some important recurring issues regarding our Rules and Regulations. Please make sure that this booklet is available in all units, Drinks in plastic containers are allowed around the pool but, please, no food. This attracts bugs and birds. If you take the rope down to swim laps, please replace when you finish. If any owner has an issue/question with the rules, please go through the proper channels for resolution. He suggests you contact Tom O. or any board member. These problems will be handled with respect and courtesy. No confrontation will be tolerated.

The Board approved a $5000 assessment for 2024. This amount is largely due to the necessity to replace the roofs before anticipated due to the recent hurricanes. (This is documented in our recorded minutes on our website.) A portion of this assessment will also be used for the initial evaluation of the High Rise windows. The invoice will be mailed to the owner’s address on file with Sunstate. You can mail a check to:
     Sunstate Management Group
     PO Box 18809
     Sarasota, FL 34276
If you are on autopay, this assessment will not be automatically withdrawn. But you can set up a one time payment with your bank. The invoices will also be emailed.

All sliders are the home owners responsibility.

High Rise and Mid Rise roofs will REALLY be done this week. (We think.)

We are waiting on the evaluation from Malcom Daigle regarding the elevator modernization project. Once we have this, we will be able to decide how to proceed. We hope to have this information by the next meeting.

The Tennis Court resurfacing is ending and the lines and nets will be installed next month.

We should be getting the printed directories within the next 2 weeks.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (#218)