MAB Community Update – June 17, 2024

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are enjoying your summer. As previously communicated, during the months of June, July, and August, I will be issuing monthly updates to keep everyone up to date on current activities here at MacArthur Beach & Racquet Club. June’s update is provide below.

MacArthur […]

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MAB Community Update – May 20, 2024

Hello to all!
I think it was a record. Our May Board meeting lasted 22 minutes. Good job, Jack!
Jack (Thacker) reminded us that we are in the nesting season for turtles. That means we have to pull blinds/curtains when it is dark The hatchlings will get disoriented and move […]

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MAB Community Update – March 17, 2024

Hello to all!
It is the usual busy March here at MacArthur Beach.
Jack (Thacker) noted some important recurring issues regarding our Rules and Regulations. Please make sure that this booklet is available in all units, Drinks in plastic containers are allowed around the pool but, please, no food. […]

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MAB Community Update – February 19, 2024

February update –
It’s been a very busy month here at MacArthur Beach. We had our annual meeting on February 9th and our monthly BOD meeting on the 16th. Thank you to all owners who submitted votes on our funding procedures. We must do this every year and we appreciate your […]

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MAB Community Update – January 21, 2024

Hello to MacArthur Beach from the mountains – Heard the weather is not warm in Venice. I can assure you that it is warmer than Aspen, CO.
We had good attendance at the January Board meeting. There are a number of points that Jack (Thacker) wants to emphasize to all owners.
1) Some units had […]

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MAB Community Update – December 21, 2023

Last 2023 Owner Update on MacArthur Beach and Racquet Club!
The elevator is working!! Let me reiterate Jack’s email – thank you for your patience. I know it wasn’t easy.
Please be assured we have begun the process of the elevator upgrade/modernization. You will be notified of information as the Board receives it.
We […]

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MAB Community Update – November 29, 2023

Hello from MacArthur Beach!
Thank you to all residents who attended the November Board Meeting. It was a very good turnout with about 40 owners attending.
Jack (Thacker) reminded all in the LowRise Buildings that there are new Wind Mitigation Reports available that might lower insurance premiums. (These are available on this […]

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MAB Community Update – October 23, 2023

It was a very good turnout for the October Board meeting. Once again, thank you to all who attend and welcome to our new residents.
Jack (Thacker) reported that MacArthur Beach had a very challenging 2023 and that many of those challenges will continue into 2024.
The contract has been signed for the replacement of […]

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MAB Community Update – September 19, 2023

Thank you all for the good turnout for the September Board Meeting.
Jack (Thacker) reported that we were lucky with Idalia. That storm came from the West. There was some flooding in the streets (Golden Beach and Villas) due to the Flamingo Ditch filling with sand. Because of this, our South Gate is […]

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MAB Community Update – July 2, 2023

Latest news from MacArthur Beach BOD –
We are still feeling the repercussions from Hurricane Ian. The good news is that although we had approximately $22,000 of unbudgeted hurricane costs, we are only $2,000 over budget year-to-date. Thanks for all the support for the upgrade of the Low Rise roofs. […]

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