Hello from MacArthur Beach!

Thank you to all residents who attended the November Board Meeting. It was a very good turnout with about 40 owners attending.

Jack (Thacker) reminded all in the LowRise Buildings that there are new Wind Mitigation Reports available that might lower insurance premiums. (These are available on this web site: www.mymacarthurbeach.com … see me if you need the password). Owners should check with your individual insurance company. He also noted that as a Board we welcome input but please do not rely on social media for info about MacArthur Beach.

Tom (Pierce) reported that even with the unanticipated Hurricane Ian expenses in 2023, we are still approximately $10,000 under budget year to date. A thank you to our Treasurer for doing a great job with our finances.

Of course the most pressing issue right now at MacBeach is the elevator. After a thorough evaluation, the Board is certain that Florida Elevator is doing the best they can to make the necessary repairs. They have been onsite and working the past 2 days. As of today (11/28), a whole new drive board is ordered. We are not certain what the time frame will be. Of course we will keep everyone informed when we know anything more. Jack has also hired an independent consultant to evaluate our current elevator and make recommendations on how to proceed.

The High Rise Roof replacement is proceeding on schedule. The staging will take place in December and the work will begin in January.

Our Milestone Inspection Report (on structural issues) has been submitted to the City and will be available on our web site. Everything is good so far. A summary will be posted on the bulletin boards.

All owners please check your electrical panels. If you have one from Federal Electric Company you might want to replace it. This is not a requirement but recommended. The old panel could be a fire hazard.

We are waiting to see how much it will cost to level the Tennis Courts before we proceed to the next step. We will have more info at the December meeting.

Thank you to the Capital Expense Committee for the work they have already done on the High Rise windows. All residents of the High Riser will be receiving a survey. Please watch for it and return promptly.

The Board voted to approve the 2024 budget. Quarterly dues will remain at $2000. We are anticipating another $3000 assessment in May 2024. At the Annual Meeting on February 9th, the owners will vote to approve cross utilization of reserves.

December is the month that requests for membership on the Board are mailed. Please consider joining the Board to participate in your community.

Vivienne (Porter – Chair of the Social Committee) reported on an excellent presentation on Shark’s Teeth from Steve Scott. If anyone else has an expertise they would like to share, please contact Viv.

Next Board meeting is December 15th – hope to see you there.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (#218)