It was a very good turnout for the October Board meeting. Once again, thank you to all who attend and welcome to our new residents.

Jack (Thacker) reported that MacArthur Beach had a very challenging 2023 and that many of those challenges will continue into 2024.

The contract has been signed for the replacement of the roofs on the High Rise and Mid Rise buildings. Staging will begin in December and we’re anticipating the work will begin in January.

Per the new FL laws, we are complying with structural studies and the necessary repairs.

Our insurance costs have increased dramatically.

As most are aware, the elevator in the High Rise is not operational. (Thank you Jack for keeping us all up to date on this problem.) We will be receiving a new part this Thursday and hoping it will work. If not, we need to replace the elevator.

The first step on repairing the tennis courts has been completed. We will know more by mid November what the next step should be and the cost going forward.

With these issues come financial challenges.

Jack and Tom (Pierce) stated the goals of the Board. We want MacArthur Beach to continue to be a place to enjoy. We want to protect our property value. And we want to keep our HOA’s competitive. We make financial decisions based on facts and present choices to the residents.

We have only 2 ways to generate income:
1) HOA’s – we will attempt to keep our quarterly fees unchanged in 2024
2) Special Assessments – we will most likely have another special assessment of $3000 in 2024.

Important dates:
– November 17 is the Budget meeting
– February 9 at 4pm is our Annual Meeting

Reminder – please make sure your information is correct and complete in our directory. Send any changes to me.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (#218