To MacArthur Beach Residents:

Thanks to all residents who helped with clean up and to those who were able to attend the zoom meeting. Now that the storm has passed, I’d like to update everyone.

By now, all owners have received some information regarding your unit. Please know that ultimately owners themselves are responsible for their units. Neither Tom O. or most caretakers are licensed contractors so they cannot make a final determination regarding any damage. If at all possible, please check your unit personally. We are asking owners to fill out an SMG work order form from our web site. That way we are able to keep track of ongoing issues and Tom O. will not have to address every detail. The Association is responsible for “sheetrock out” and the owner for “paint in”.

All homeowners should be contacting your individual insurance companies. Gulf Coast Restoration has been on site with fans to start the drying out process but we might see more leaks as time goes on.

We are lucky that the pool had been drained and work had started. Of course, the original finish date is not realistic. I have been informed that our brand new pool will be up and running for Thanksgiving.

And, please, owners who rent independently…..especially in light of the recent emergency situation….The Association needs all contact information from your renters. Currently we have more owners who rent independently than use agents and only a few have responded with the info. I ask for your cooperation with this matter.

This has been a very difficult time for us all. Tom O. has been working overtime (to say the least!) and has done a great job. We want to make this a team effort and so far MacArthur beach residents have done just that.

Our next Board meeting is November 4th at 9am. Watch for the agenda in your email a few days before.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (#218) (VP/Secretary)