It was a busy end of 2022 and a busy beginning of 2023 here at MacArthur Beach.

Probably the most pressing issue is the replacement of the roofs after Hurricane Ian and tropical storm Nicole. After much investigation, the Board voted unanimously to replace the current asphalt roofs with metal. And since this is change in Common Element, we need 75 votes of ownership to do so. We are very close to that number. Thank you to everyone who returned a ballot. The roofer we will be using attended the Board meeting on Friday (1/13). He was informative and answered questions from residents. Work is scheduled to begin ASAP. If anyone still has questions, please contact a board member. The metal roofs will come with a $3000 assessment. This will be due in the second or third quarter of this year. Payment plans can be individually arranged.

Our Safety Committee has been re-activated. Please contact Sue Baldwin or Jim Kubiak if you want to participate.

A BIG thank you to Kurt Michael who worked incredibly hard to remove the outdated generator on the first floor of the high rise. It was a huge job.

As per the 2024 budget, the new HOA’s are $2000 a quarter.

We’re into “high season” now. It would be a good time to review the criteria for re-cycling.

A Welcome Back gathering is planned for Wednesday January 18th at the sunset bench. 5:00pm. Bring small app and byob. Rain will take us to the Community Room.

Valentine’s Party will be February 11th in the Community Room 5:00pm. Bring dessert or app and byob.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson