Dear MacArthur Beach Owners:

We just finished calking all 22 of the upper bay windows of the Low-rise last week before the rains came. Being able to get up close to the glass and frame we found it was exactly as Sleuth Leak Detection report had stated that there was disintegration of the original 10 year old calking especially where the two window frames met in the middle. Thank you to Kathy Thacker and Sue Baldwin for carpet cleaning all 9 of the High-rise floor landings and Library room. They did a fantastic job and brought to fruition the ole saying “If you want anything done right, do it yourself”.

Speaking of the high-rise, I’ve had a couple of owners ask about ours and the concern of the Surfside incident. I can say that after the paint job last year we went through the building with a fine tooth comb and there were no issues with cement cracking throughout the whole building and we also do not have an underground parking garage next to the building.

You are now up to date and please call or text if you have any questions.

Tom O