To All,

Well, so far so good on missing hurricanes this year but the Red Tide is still hanging around with a vengeance especially when the wind is blowing out of the west. It is sitting on the coast going out 15 miles by 50 square miles.

On 8/23/21 we will start trimming the palm trees on the property which should take all week. Do to the shortage of labor and materials we received a letter from Stewart Tennis saying that the resurfacing of the tennis courts is on hold for the next several months. This was originally scheduled for May.

There was a 6″ main line water leak by the pond last week in which thousands of dollars were saved on the repair because the City Of Venice is responsible to fix any issues before the water meter. Speaking of leaks, we have one in the pool that is causing the tile to crack in the deep end. On 9/15/21 we will be closing the pool down for a couple of days to repair this problem. We will be grouting the tile all the way around the pool and looking for other issues that might be causing the water loss. Sherlock Leak Detection has forewarned me that the gates to the pool will be locked for liability issues during this process.

We are in the process also of replacing cracked and questionable river rock steps on the Low rise the next couple of weeks. This shouldn’t hinder anyone getting into their unit. The Board has selected Valcourt Construction to repair the spalling foundation issues by unit 227. We are in the process of contract negotiations and a possible start date in mid October. I will keep you posted on the official start date and length of project.

That is all for now, you are up to date on the goings on at MacArthur Beach.

Tom O

P.S. I was able to take a week off earlier this month and went and hiked 90 miles in 5 days on the Appalachian Trail. “There were a million heavenly things to see and hundreds of spectacular ways to twist an ankle”.