Hello to all and applause please for life getting back to some normalcy!

First and foremost I would like to correct an error I made in the May update. Tom O celebrated 24 years at MacBeach, not 22. I was not trying to deny him the extra grey hairs …I heard him incorrectly. I’ll blame it on my aging ears. But most importantly another thank you to him for all the great work he does.

At the June meeting Joan reported that there are 25-30 turtle nests at MacArthur Beach. A reminder that during nesting season (5/1-11/1) we need to keep our curtains closed.
Also, there seems to be a lot of sand in the pool. Please remind your family and friends to rinse after being on the beach before they use the pool.

Biggest news around the property is the broken elevator. Tom O. has been told the parts are arriving June 14. The wrong parts were initially sent. The elevator is in our reserve account and is not due for a “big” fix for 10 more years. This timeline may have to be adjusted but we will keep you posted.

As per my update last month, the board is examining our documents to see what language needs to be changed. Joan is keeping a running list. If any of you are so inclined, you can read the documents on our website.

We have a few big projects that are in the works. The leaky windows in the low rise are being addressed currently. The 22 windows in the upper story of those units will be repaired. Karins Engineering has examined the stairs of the low rise and will also weigh in on the foundations of those buildings.

We do not have a regular board meeting scheduled for July. We’ll let you know about August.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (VP/Secretary)