To All,

Well it finally stopped raining long enough to get some projects accomplished this month from all the rain the last seven weeks .

The Mid rise stairs have been painted and each of the treads was leveled with the angle iron that sit on top of the front of them to stop a small tripping hazard .

The High rise lobby got a whole new refresh from lights, to texturing the walls that all match now and paint. I think everyone will like the new look.

We also had 19 storage room doors that were falling apart from the weather replaced with fiberglass doors that will hold up for a long time. Your new key will be laying just inside the door.

Today we started the replacement of 4 large windows in 203,204,207 and 208 that had been delayed because of the rain and the 6 small windows in the Mid rise should all be installed by the end of the next week.

The kitchen/meeting room got a refresh with some new bookshelves and all the books put in alphabetical order by the author and also some new counter tops and cabinet doors are on order after many years of discussion.

All the palm trees on the property are being trimmed this week for it is getting to be that time of year for hurricane season to become active. That is all for now, you are up to date.

Tom O

P.S. I was able to take a little time off to go on a short 200 mile bike ride on the Silver Comet Bike Trail just outside of Atlanta earlier this month and want to say that rural America is doing very well.

On a very sad note when I got back I received a phone call of the passing of former Board Member Joe Keller, unit 837. He took me under his wing when we were doing the 2.2 million Low rise siding and window renovation and showed me the ropes on how to deal with contractors….. If you truly knew Joe, I’m sure some of you are laughing after that statement :)