To All,

On Tuesday the high rise transformer shorted out and not sure why it did. F.P.L. installed a temporary line and will be back Monday 5/11/20 to install a new underground line at no cost to us.There should be no power outage while this is being done.

We have changed pest control companies from Hoskin’s to Bug Pest Control for a savings of $5k. Bug will be treating our property from the outside and if you were to see a live bug please call me and they will come and spray on the inside.

The Low rise beach side bottom decks will be coated with a new membrane system by the end of the month, along with the upper Low rise railings being painted also at the same time.

The High rise foyer lights from floors 2-9 have been changed to L.E.D. for energy savings and consistent lighting through out the whole building. The Tennis Court lighting will also be changed to self contained fixtures and L.E.D. in the coming months.

The Mid rise painting and window replacement is moving forward but I do not have an exact date at this time, for the window contractor is not sure of when the windows will be manufactured.

I am also waiting on the engineering of the new railings for the High rise at the City Of Venice Building Department and should have a start date by the end of the month.

The pool and beach are open and please practice safe distancing at both locations. That is all for now and you are up to date. Stay well,stay safe and call if you have any questions.

Tom O

P.S. As I start my 23rd year here at MacArthur Beach today, and that’s a mighty long time. I must quell the rumor that like Eb on Green Acres I did not come with the place when it was turned over by the developers to the owners…… :)