To All,

2019 came in with a bang for we had an unfortunate incident of a small fire in the High rise dumpster room. The incident is still under investigation and the boil water notice has been lifted. On new Years Eve around 9:30pm someone threw out something that still had an ember in it and started a small fire in a corner of the dumpster. The fire sprinkler above the dumpster put it out before it got out of hand. The Fire Department was dispatched and came to turn off sprinkler system and check said fire. I’m not sure when the main line that feeds the system cracked and started leaking outside of Highrise North door but either a water hammer when shutting off the system or the impact of the water draw through the system caused it. Being that I was in Sarasota at the time of the incident and on the phone with the Fire Department, I’m still trying to put the pieces together of the situation and cleaning up the mess left over from the situation.

The painting of the Low rise is finished and came in on time and budget. The roofing is a little behind and should be finished by mid-month. That is all for now, call if you have questions.

Tom O