To All,

The roofing and the painting projects on the Low rise have been going smooth and on time and budget. Mario’s Painting is about 86.5% done and are around the 225/226 buildings to finish at 229/230 building probably right before Christmas.

Avery Roofing is about 74.6% done and is around the 207/208 building now and will finish on the 220 building before New Years, weather permitting.

After both contractors leave the premises, we will refresh all the landscaping and paint the front door side handrails, ourselves, in house, for they wanted a ridiculous amount to paint them.

I have been changing out the locks as best I can for it is much easier to hand the keys to each unit owner when they are here and the Locksmith has had medical issues with his help, which has made this more of a struggle to accomplish.

I am in the process of updating the front gate and High rise phone directory and if there is a different phone number other than what is in the directory that you want the entry phone to ring to please let me know.

Red tide has been coming and going here recently. It is not the knock you down smell, as it was in the summer, but just enough to make you cough a little and a tad bit of stench. The only fish it is affecting this time are the catfish and/or the only fish left this time around so sorry to say.

That is all for now and you are up to date on the goings on at Mac Beach.

Tom O