To All,

The termite tenting of the Low rise buildings was a success and that we dug all the trenches around the buildings for the tarps we only lost a couple of plants when the residual leaf die off was over. The new LED lobby lights and ceiling tiles have been installed and waiting on a confirmation date to texture the wall so we can paint them.All of the Mid rise stair treads have been leveled with the corner angle on each step and welding done on small issues and once again waiting on a painting start date which should be next month also.The Low rise and Mid rise have had all the fire extinguisher boxes replaced for the covers on the old ones were falling off and expensive to replace.The 4 Low rise bay windows, 6 small Mid rise bedroom windows and 28 High rise storage room doors will be replaced in the latter part of July …weather permitting. When you come back home in the fall you will notice two new stop signs on the corner of Villas and Golden Beach. I have a front row seat and popcorn ready to watch how this is going to work out. We have 5 remodels going on in the Low rise right now and have 15 turtle nest on the beach in front of Mac Beach so far this summer. That is all for now and you are up to date.

Tom O

P.S I will be on Holiday next week from Monday to Thursday with my phone still on if you need to reach me, vacationing at my River Ranch or as I like to call it Disney South in Arcadia. This is the one I take to rest on and the big adventure will be in August.