To All,

Starting on June 22, we will begin to install the windows in the Mid rise buildings and it should take a couple of weeks to install all of them. As it stands now we will begin installing the new railings for the High rise the first week in July.

With those two projects completed we will begin painting the High and Mid rise buildings mid July, which then should be finished by the end of August.

We landscaped around the fountain area and the mail room with big gray rocks and a big thank you to Melinda Schweer for all her earth moving skills on this project.

We have started to paint Low rise decks and railings this week and being that we are in hurricane season make sure all you outdoor furniture is inside.

Bug Pest Control will be here the 3rd Tuesday of each quarter to spray the perimeter of the buildings

We are getting numbers in now to upgrade the men’s and woman’s bathroom in the Rec room especially counter tops and cabinets.

We are just about finished painting the perimeter facia and poles on the tennis courts.

We will be handing out the new parking tags this fall so please stop by the Office to pick your new one up.

That is all for now, you are up to date.

Tom O

P.S I will be on a retreat next week to prepare myself for the big projects coming up. My phone will be on and Dennis will be holding down the fort.