To All,

The High rise painting project is going well, however, we ran into an issue of taking the 40 year old railings off. What we found, and this is hit and miss on different lanai’s, is spalling (bad concrete). With the both contractors tight schedule and time enough to fix issues, this is the plan; We will be taking off the 37 & 38 High rise units railing today, fix in the next week and will reinstall new ones on 10/5/20. In between that time you will not be able to use your lanai/balcony until new railings are installed. I believe the 40’s and 39 units railing will be taken off next week with install the week of 10/5 also. There are a lot of moving parts to this project, so I will keep you posted as we make progress. This was all unforeseen, as the paint on the building hid the issue very well and this is our one shot to put it back together right.

In the meantime I have been taking care of all the yard work, as Greg quit/let go for lack of production. We are looking at different options at this juncture.

That is all for now and you are up to date.

Tom O