Hello to MacArthur Beach Residents!

Our regular March board meeting was a busy one – long and productive. A welcome to Ann Sullivan who has agreed to join the board.

Our insurance agent attended to discuss our rates and what we might do to reduce them. We are starting a wind mitigation study on the roofs of the low rise. Tom O. is working with Karins engineering on this.

Honest Air is coming off our recommended vendor list. Bowersox is the new AC company suggested.

We are still discussing the Comcast contract. Ann is doing some research and will report back soon.

Paul Horstman has been working with Karins engineering on the low rise stairs. Many need to be repaired. His research is not complete yet and will give us some options in the April meeting.

We have a bat problem again, so the board voted to bring in a “bat company” so Tom O. can concentrate on other issues.

Thank you to Melinda Schweer who has been helping Tom O. with the landscaping. They have been doing a fabulous job and will finish up with the grey rock at a few places around the property.

There has been questions and discussions regarding lap swimming. In accordance with Florida Administrative code and communication with our local authorities, it is ok to swim laps without the line being in place so long as it is re-attached after exercise. MacArthur Beach also has the “rule” that the line should not be taken down when there are children in the pool. Swimming after dusk is allowed as long as the lights are on in the pool. (This might have contingencies during turtle season.)


  • Please do not put unwanted furniture at the trash area. There are places in Venice that will come and pick them up.
  • Double check to make sure you are not parking in a handicapped parking space. We do have residents and guests who need them.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (VP/Secretary)