Hello to all!

Hope you and yours are well and looking forward to getting back to some “normalcy”.

We started out April meeting with an informative hour with our Comcast representative, Nikki Mello. She presented 3 options with different pricing:

Option I – cable only (what we have now)
Option 2 – cable and internet
Option 3 – internet only

Since the Comcast contract is one of our largest expenses, we are taking time to weigh our options. If you have concerns/questions please contact Ann Sullivan (309-830-2939).

We are also still working through the wind mitigation reports for the roofs. Tom O. is working with Karins Engineering and Avery Roofing on this.

Paul Horstman did a great job in presenting a detailed spread sheet on the condition of the low rise stairs. He is recommending the repair option and will be prioritizing the buildings. He will have the full scope of this issue next month.

Tom Pierce has done an excellent job of keeping our HOA’s at the same rate for many years. However, we do have some big projects coming up so we can’t be sure those fees will stay the same in 2022.

Thank you to Colin Serkes and Mike Kwasny for pitching in to help Melinda with some landscaping. MacArthur Beach is lucky to have such committed residents!

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (VP/Secretary)