To All,

The Red Tide has subsided and has been pushed out into the Gulf by the winds blowing out of the east for the last 5 days. The birds reappeared on the beach today for the first time in a long time. To check on the Red Tide situation you can go to

After last years flooding from the pre-Irma storm and the sit down meeting, I and a couple of owners had with James Clinch, Assistant City Engineer, they finally took out the wood obstruction in Flamingo Ditch that drains into the Gulf. We have had some serious rain the past four days and the Mac Beach is draining the best it ever has.

F.P.L. is still working on pulling the new wire to the transformer by 115 that with all the spray paint for utility locates it looks like a car full of clowns rolled over a couple of times in the parking lot. We have been pressure cleaning it all off.

The new Fiber-Tite roof on unit 225 & 226 should be finished today and we had no surprises. We have changed roofing contractors for there was a 50K savings with Avery Roofing doing this job. Also the owner of the company had put the roof on 29 years ago so he was familiar with our property.

Still waiting on insurance adjuster to let us know if they underfunded us on our claim. Allegedly her computer crashed and is still collecting data.

All the palm trees have been trimmed this week and hoping it won’t be the calm before the storm like last time they were trimmed.

You are now up to date and please call if you have questions about anything.

Tom O

P.S. I survived the 8 days on The 100 Mile Wilderness in Maine earlier this month. That was hard on the legs to say the least. They had rescued 9 people through our travels for heat exhaustion or other extremities problems. By training for this trip in Florida, heat was never an issue but every step counted for a successful journey.