February update –

It’s been a very busy month here at MacArthur Beach. We had our annual meeting on February 9th and our monthly BOD meeting on the 16th. Thank you to all owners who submitted votes on our funding procedures. We must do this every year and we appreciate your support. Jack (Thacker) cited our 2023 accomplishments and noted that he expects 2024 to be as successful.

The most important point to stress is the $5000 assessment for 2024. Tom (Pierce) explained that dues will remain the same but because of increased insurance costs, roof replacements due to hurricanes, HR elevator and windows a special assessment is necessary. This is due on May 1st. If this is a hardship on any owner, Tom (Pierce) will set up a confidential payment plan.

If your individual insurance company needs the Declarations page of the Association’s flood insurance, it will be available after February 19th at: certs@atlasinsuranceagency.com.

Jack (Thacker) wants to remind all that Spring Break is coming. Usually that means that MacBeach is quite crowded. If an issue arises around the pool or elsewhere, please avoid uncomfortable confrontations. Contact Tom (O) or Jack (T) to handle it.

A new North Gate has been installed.

Work on the tennis courts begin this week. (Some cars may need to be moved.)

Caulking of the upper windows of Units #201-#230 will be done this week.

We should have a report regarding the modernization of the elevator by the March meeting.

We are looking for a few more people to join 2 committees:
1) High Rise Window Committee – Leigh Ann Gross – Board Liaison
2) Declarations, By-Laws and Rules Committee – Mike Hickox – Board Liaison
Contact BOD if interested.

The parking lots are very crowded. Some owners have multiple vehicles. Some vehicles have not been moved in years. Please make sure your vehicles have a parking tag. (Available from Tom O) The Association needs to have access in case of emergency. Your “watcher” should have keys. The St. Patrick’s Day Party is held under the tennis courts and cars will need to be moved on March 16th.

Joan (Schnieder) reminded owners that sliders are individual owners responsibility . She is replacing hers and would be happy to share info.

Our annual CPR demo was held February 15th. Once again the Venice Fire Department did a great job All who attended had input and good questions answered. We have 2 AED’s – one by the “pool” bathroom and one in the mailroom.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson