To All,

We finally got the High rise roof repaired from hurricane Irma and the repair was delayed from all the rain we had in May. We saved $2,500.00, by not having to bring a crane in when it was all done and said.

If you have been wondering what all the spray paint marks on the asphalt in the north parking lot are for, it is to replace the a FPL power line to the transformer from the light pole out front that shorted out. They should be finished in the next day or so but they keep hitting massive boulders underground.

You should have received a letter letting you know how old your water heater is. Please take heed to this notice. Since, we sent out the notice a water heater cut loose and started leaking. RSG Plumbing is the company that is giving us the group deal and can be reached at 941 786 4572 or please call your plumber of choice if your water heater is outdated.

With Hurricane season upon us, please make sure you have towels in your window sills to stop wind driven rain from getting in. We did seal all the screws in the sills in the High rise and the Mid rise. The Low rise windows have none.

We are in the process of painting the pool deck with an anti slip paint and will be closing off small sections of of the pool deck in July.The pool will be open at all times during this process, if you have guest coming down this summer.

Speaking of guest, please have them familiarize themselves with the rules of MacArthur during their stay here, as we do have owners that live here year round.

Next week we will begin phase one of replacing door handles starting with 101 and 201 and working our way up the unit numbers in the Low rise. We will be sending you your new key in the mail or call me if you want to do something different.

We had a unusual amount of a termite swarm this year and looking into what, where, when and why this happened this year out of the 21 years I have been here to get to the bottom of this in order to rectify it.

At 21 years I guess I can legally have a beer at a MacArthur Beach function now!

That is all for now and you are up to date.

Tom O