To All,
The City Of Venice will be shutting off the water to the complex on Monday, June 5th,from 8am till 2pm to replace a fire hydrant. Plan accordingly for this. We have painted the concrete entrance wall all the way to the dumpster area by the tennis courts. We passed the yearly Fire Alarm and Extinguisher tests last week. Next week Artistry Painting will be caulking the upper bay windows on the Lowrise next week and pressure cleaning some areas on the property that are too high for me to be on a ladder. Sutter roofing was here last week to inspect all the roofs and found there were not to many issues as in years past. Sutter will be starting the lanai membrane project at the end of the month. I will keep you posted on where we will be starting. Bob’s carpet will be putting in the new carpet for the landings on the Midrise on 6/19 and the new flooring to match the rec room outside the first floor elevator landing that same week. Starting June 19th we will begin the prepping and doing the dryer vent clean out that will take up most of the week and a 100ft crane to accomplish this task. That is all for now, you are up to date.

Tom O

P.S. My Sons wedding went perfect. A big thank you to all for helping me raise $2200 for M.S. and came in 30th out of 750 people on the fundraising. I got a police escort on my high wheel bike the last 4 miles back to the hotel on Ronald Reagan Blvd in Orlando. The one time in my life I enjoyed being followed by the police. I am playing drums this weekend for the Loveland Follies at the Venice Theatre once again which is a tribute to Vegas this year.