To All,
As the season is starting to wind down the projects begin to start up. The fire hydrant will not be installed in front of Mac Beach. It was installed across the street for there were to many utilities and our fence in the way. We have installed 5 turtle bullet lights last week to see how well they work and weather in our harsh salt conditions. There is one by the north side Highrise, and by 101 & 111 beach side. Also two on the parking lot side by 115 & 120.I think we finally found the proper lights for the property. The south boundary wall has been painted and we are now working on the walk in entrance wall. A roof inspection will happen the first part of May before the rainy season along with the last of the lanai decks getting the membrane installed on them. Units 211,215,220,222,223,225,228,229 will be done. We are now getting bids on updating the community kitchen and new flooring in foyer area around the elevator on the first floor. The 12×20 wood pool deck extension will begin in mid May. That is all for now…you are up to date.

Tom O

P.S. For the long time owners, that little boy I was taking to grade school when I first started working here is getting married this weekend to an awesome girl. Time flies!! I am riding 100 miles on my 10th year for M.S. in Orlando May 6th. If you care to donate to get me to my goal you can at . Thank you for your consideration.