Hello to all!

There is much news from MacArthur Beach even though summer is upon us.

Tom O. reports that the foundation work has started. The work will begin under the tennis courts. This could be quite loud at times but we are lucky it is being done now. Starting in 2025, all FL condominiums will have to be inspected. We are ahead of the game since we already have engineers in place.

The tennis courts will actually be totally re-done in late August-early September. (Really!) This project and cost is a much larger one than we originally anticipated. When completed, MacArthur Beach will have 1 brand new tennis court and 2 brand new pickleball courts.

Pool renovation is on schedule. Work will begin September 12th. POOL WILL BE CLOSED FOR APPROXIMATELY ONE WEEK.

The High Rise booster pump has been re-piped and back in good working order.

No bats anymore but now pigeons. Tom O. has hired a professional company to remediate the problem.

The board voted unanimously to hire Kendra O. (Tom’s wife) to help with the landscaping. Thank you Kendra. We will keep pursuing a permanent solution to find some help for Tom O.

Tom Pierce wants all to know that we have 3 major projects going on now at MacArthur Beach; 1) The pool renovation, 2) the re-do of the tennis courts, and 3) the foundation repair. These project costs have exceeded our estimated costs by $62,000. He is looking at ways we can make up the shortfall from both the reserve account and the operating surplus.

There have been a few issues with dogs around the property. Please review our documents and the Rules and Regulations. All pets must be registered and you can obtain the forms from Tom O. Joan has proposed a preliminary map for dog walking areas. Two owners present at the meeting expressed concern regarding the proposed map. Joan would like to set up an owner review committee — not just for the pet issue but for other issues that come up around the property. If anyone is interested, please contact the Board.

Also, another reminder…All owners who rent independently are still required to submit an application and $100 fee to the Association. Applications are available from Sunstate. We ask for your cooperation on this.

Next meeting July 8th.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (#218) (VP/Secretary)