To All,

We will be starting the painting and the roofing of the Low rise the week of 11/5/18 and will run through till the end of the year.

The roofing will be starting by the 130/230 building and the painting will start at the 101, 201 building. Please make sure your outdoor furniture is out of the way as we proceed on the painting side.

I have two owners who will be taking over watching condos for Ron, Kathy Thacker (773) 255-0012 and Dennis Zerbel (941) 806-9997. I feel they both will do an excellent job for you.

Please call me if you have any questions.

Tom O

P.S. Ron will be leaving November 10, 2018. Please call one of these condo watchers to keep having your unit watched:

  • Kathy Thacker, 773 255 0012
  • Dennis Zerbel, 941 806 9997