To All,

With window and painting projects there are a lot of moving parts that have to happen to keep the momentum moving forward. All 30 windows have been installed in the Mid rise building and only
4 left to stucco on the outside and 6 left to touch up on the inside. Thankfully we did not run into any unknowns or major deterioration from water incursion.

The High rise painting project has been pushed back to the week of August 10th for the condo that Artistry Painting is at right now; let some water issues go on 5 years too long.This actually
works better for us for the railings will be done being manufactured while Artistry is still here with the swing stage still on the building to hoist them up without having to rent a crane to install them.

The new parking lot light fixtures for the tennis court were installed last week and should last a long time, as the light-bulbs are enclosed and the salt air can not deteriorate the sockets.

The Recreation Room bathrooms are coming along very well with the updating of cabinets and painting.

Just a reminder on Mac Beach guest’s staying at your unit: If you could either have them or you let me know someone is staying there, for emergency purposes, fire, hurricane etc. Also to familiarize themselves with pool rules and such for we are a residence, not a hotel/resort.

That is all for now and you are up to date.

Tom O