Thanks to all owners who are able to attend our monthly Board meetings. Owner participation is appreciated by the Board.

Jack (Thacker) wants to remind owners to review our Rules and Regulations with their families and guests. It was a VERY busy spring at MacArthur Beach and there were some incidents of guests not abiding by these rules. These are part of our documents which are in the process of being reviewed by a newly formed committee. If you want to participate in reviewing and possibly revising those rules, please notify Jack.

Hurricane season starts in June. Please make sure your condo has a regular “checker” to assure that “All is Well” in your unit.

We would also like to remind all to review re-cycling guidelines. It is important that we follow these otherwise our re-cycling program doesn’t work. Re-cycling saves the Association on trash pick-up cost.

The new metal roofs on the Low Rise are progressing. Feeney (our roofing company) experienced some staffing problems that have been rectified. Feeney will be responsible for any issues that arise. Also, Karins Engineering has been hired to review the work already completed.

For all who have been wondering about the change in the closing hour of the pool…..Sarasota County made us change the closing time to sunset. The County also is requiring us to re-paint the No Jumping on the side of the pool and we need everyone’s help with enforcing this. They have also required that additional information be posted on two new signs in the pool area.

Gulf Coast Disaster (the company that came in to do the dry out after Hurricane Ian) has been paid in full by the Association. We want to remind all owners that they are responsible for 50% of that dry out. Some owners have not paid. Please do so as soon as possible so we do not incur any legal fees on this issue.

Although we thought we would be able to repair the High Rise roof, we can’t. The High Rise roof needs to be replaced. We should have 3 bids and more info at the May meeting.

We should also have more info on repairing the tennis courts next month.

We are investigating options for new windows in the High Rise. This will be a big expense that the Association cannot take on at this time but we will have more info on this issue in May.

Tom (Pierce) will put together reserve info from the past 10 years for the next meeting.

Two important financial notes – our quarterly dues are now $2000. Please check to make sure you have paid correctly. The special assessment ($3000) is due May 1st.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (Secretary)