Happy March to All – And on that note….

Our Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party was held on March 16th. A big thanks to Vivienne (Porter) – Chair of the Social Committee. She had things organized before she left for her granddaughter’s birth. (Congrats to Viv and Jeff!) She assembled a great team that worked hard and pulled off a very successful event.

At our March 17th Board meeting, the Board voted to approve a $3000 special assessment to cover the new roofs on the Low and Mid Rise that are necessary due to Hurricane Ian damage. Please look for a mailing and check emails regarding the details of the assessment. If you have any specific questions or concerns, contact a Board member. At the April meeting (4/21), we will be discussing replacement of the High Rise roof.

The Board has been reviewing our Committees. The existing/ongoing committees are: Decorating, Social, and Safety. Jack (Thacker) has outlined 4 other committees he would like to activate: Rules, Welcoming, Capital Spending, and Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery. We want to encourage owner participation. Please help so we can continue to keep MacArthur Beach the great place it is. We will be discussing this at the April meeting as well.

Please check your info in the directory. You can access this on our (this) website – www.mymacarthurbeach.com. Go to the Residents Only drop down – pw beach. This is also where you can check minutes and financial statements. It is crucial that contact info is up to date as we will be sending out important information.

We want to remind owners who have vehicles here that we have parking tags that are supposed to be displayed. And if you have renters, they need to do the same.

Next get together is March 24th at the Sunset Bench 6:30pm.

Next Board Meeting is April 21st.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (Secretary)