Hello MacArthur Beach residents:

Our May Board meeting was held on May 19th. Thanks to all who were able to attend. Most of us who are seasonal residents have returned to our other abodes. We appreciate those of you who are able to stay and “hold the fort” until we are together again.

Jack (Thacker) reported that there are 6-7 turtle nests. This is a good sign that our beach is healthy. Jack also reminded us not to put plastic bags of any kind in the re-cycling bins.

Tom (Pierce) reported on our finances. Even with the unbudgeted Hurricane Ian Costs of approximately $23,000 we are even in our year-to-date figures. A thank you to Tom O. and all who paid the 50-50 dry out costs. It has been a great community effort to keep MacBeach in good shape financially. Please remember that quarterly HOA’S are $2000. The special assessment of $3000 was due on May 1st.

Jack (Thacker) and Joan (Schnieder) will form a Task Force on Hurricane Preparedness and will have a report ready soon.

The major portions of the Low and Mid Rise Roofs will be done by the end of May. Tom P. is in discussion with our insurance agent regarding a new Wind Mitigation Report.

As reported, the High Rise roof needs to be replaced. This is going to be a big expense. We are receiving bids now. With all the roofing companies busy due to the hurricane, the estimated start date would not be until the first quarter of 2024.

We have received new information on the Tennis Courts. We might be able to repair for a reasonable amount. We are getting proposals now and will update accordingly.

The Capital Spending Committee is investigating new windows for the High Rise. Thank you to Chris (Huizinga – Board liaison) and co-chairs Paul (Horstman) and Jon (Weyland).

As probably all are aware, there are new FL laws going into effect since the collapse of the condo building on the East Coast. Your Board is aware of the new requirements that will be in place by 12/31/2024. Thanks to Hal (Ebetino) we have a structural engineer in place who will start the initial phases of the inspection.

Next Board meeting is June 16th.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (#218)