Hello to all – much to get to –

In February 2023, MacArthur Beach had 3 meetings. February 3rd was our Annual Meeting, February 10th was a Special Board Meeting, and February 17th was our regular monthly Board Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, all of our ballot questions passed. Thanks to all who participated. If you have questions about this, please contact a board member.

Joan Schnieder resigned at that meeting. Thank you, Joan, for your years of service and your dedication to MacArthur Beach.

Your new Board is:
– Jack Thacker (President)
– Mike Hickox (Vice President)
– Tom Pierce (Treasurer)
– Yvette Peterson (Secretary)
– Directors: Hal Ebetino, Ann Sullivan, Chris Huizinga

Our meetings have switched to the 3rd Friday of the month so we can have the financial statement from the previous month. Financials and minutes are posted in the “Residents Only” section of the website.

We are hoping to re-activate some committees and initiate some new ones. Committees need to be re-appointed by the Board every year. The committees we have in place are: Social, Decorating and Safety.

Some proposed committees are Welcome, Capital Spending, and Solar. If you are interested in participating in any of these please contact the Board.

Gulf Coast Restoration came to our property immediately following Hurricane Ian to begin the drying out process. Their quick response was crucial. The total bill for that service was $42,000. Condos had varying degrees of damage and were charged accordingly. Tom Pierce has reviewed the individual invoices and all is in order. According to current Florida practice, the “dry out” from hurricane damage is split 50/50 between home owner and condo association. Please look for an invoice from MacArthur Beach to determine what you owe.

Reminder that our HOA’s are $2000/quarter. Please check to make sure that you paid the correct amount in January. The $3000 assessment for the roofs will be due the beginning of May. Please plan accordingly.

The February Valentine Social was a huge success! Special thanks to Vivienne (Porter) and Sheila (Pellegrini) for all the work with the auction.

On February 16 we had a well attended Safety Presentation given by Matthew Tomer from Fire Station 52. He reviewed CPR and use of AED. Thank you to Sue (Baldwin) and Jim (Kubiak) for arranging this.

Sue has also put Safety pamphlets in all of the condos.

On February 27th, Venice Pest Control will be spraying around the property.

Roofs are progressing – and quite quickly.

St. Patrick’s Day party is March 16th and the next Board Meeting is the 17th.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (Secretary)