Hello to All!

To start, I would like to thank all who attended the Annual meeting. And thanks, also, to those who took the time to return proxy’s. This is an important step for the Board to continue the work at MacArthur Beach through out the coming year.

The February Board meeting was a busy one and we expect the March meeting will be as well.

Joan gave a reminder that newspapers in the high rise are delivered for subscribers and not for the taking.

Please check your Comcast bill. You should not be getting charged for HD. Make a call to Comcast if you are!

The original board choice for the work around units 127/227 has not been able to fulfill the contract. We are going back to the other 2 bidders. Hoping to have the work completed in May 2022. In the meantime, our engineering firm has assured us that our buildings are ok.

Still investigating the removal of the old generator in the high rise. We will get a firm figure for removal and input from the fire department and make a decision in March.

It has come to my attention that there are errors in the directory. If you would like to make changes/corrections in the directory please email joann@sunstatemanagement.com and cc me yvetterp13@comcast.net.

We have a few existing committees at MacBeach – some in need of new members and a possible new committee.

  • Our Decorating Committee currently consists of 2 owners – Sue Baldwin and Kathie Thacker. They have done a great job over the past couple of years and would welcome some help.
  • The pandemic put our Social Committee on hold for the past 2 years. Fingers crossed….We might soon be able to start back with monthly gatherings. At present, we have no formal members on this committee and we would like to re-boot.
  • The Environmental Committee is looking into electric car charging stations. They will give a report in March.
  • We would like to initiate a Welcome Committee – a rotating group of residents who would meet with new owners to answer questions and give the “lay of the land” at MacArthur Beach.

A reminder to pet owners – Please review our rules and regulations regarding pet ownership. And don’t forget to register your animal with Tom O. The association needs to keep current inoculations on record.

The “SEASON” is in full swing here.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (#218) (VP/Secretary)