Thank you all for the good turnout for the September Board Meeting.

Jack (Thacker) reported that we were lucky with Idalia. That storm came from the West. There was some flooding in the streets (Golden Beach and Villas) due to the Flamingo Ditch filling with sand. Because of this, our South Gate is having electronics issues and will remain open until it can be repaired. Joan (Schnieder) reported that rain incursion in the High Rise windows depends on the wind direction rather than the amount of rain. Also, once the weepholes in her windows were opened, the problem was rectified. Again, storm season reinforces the need to have a regular checker for your condo.

Tom (Pierce) reported on our financials. Most important point is, year-to-date, we are under budget approximately $2700 which includes the unbudgeted costs of hurricane Ian. Thanks to all residents for paying the special assessment and to Tom Pierce for the great job he does with our money.

Tom (Obermeier) reported that the Fire Alarm System in the High Rise is repaired. It was the original so not a surprise. Leaks under the High Rise have been repaired. And the windows on the north, east, and west side of the High Rise have been caulked. This is the measure taken before we determine what the new windows will be.

High Rise and Mid Rise Roofs – Jack is waiting for JR Roofing to return the contract with more favorable payment terms. We are still looking at a start date of December or January after the rainy season.

Conditions of the State’s Milestone Inspection keep changing. We are in good shape with an engineer in place and will continue to monitor changing state guidelines.

Tennis Courts – Last month the Board approved a $32,000 expenditure to remove old layers to determine where we stand regarding the full repair and installation of new courts. This first phase is starting soon. If you leave a car under the tennis courts, please make sure your checker has the keys in case the car needs to be moved. Tom O. will notify owners when/if cars need to be moved.

The Capital Spending Committee has been meeting regarding the replacement of the High Rise windows. Jon (Weyland) reported for the committee. Look for a survey laying out the rules from our documents and asking owners for individual experiences. This is an important issue as we need a final resolution on leaky windows. Thank you to all on the committee for tackling this problem.

Next month many of us will be at the meeting in person. Safe travels to all.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvette Peterson (#218)